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May 28th

Take Care of your Wetsuit and It Will Take Care of You

If you are a fan of outdoor sports like surfing, scuba diving or any other water-based activities, you know how important it is to have the right gear. Among the most crucial pieces of equipment, one is the wetsuit. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also protects you from the elements. But like all gear, wetsuits take care to maintain their quality. Proper wetsuit care is essential to make it last longer. Just like any other sports gear, wetsuits need to be cleaned and conditioned to avoid wear and tear. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about wetsuit care, maintenance, and the importance of wetsuit conditioners.

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Why Wetsuit Maintenance is Important

Wetsuits are made of neoprene, a synthetic rubber that’s used to make a range of products, from wetsuits to laptop sleeves. However, neoprene can be vulnerable to wear and tear, especially if it is exposed to saltwater, sand, or extreme weather conditions. Over time, the fabric can become stiff, shrink, or even crack, reducing its effectiveness and compromising its safety features. To avoid this, it is essential to follow wetsuit care guidelines and perform regular maintenance. By taking care of your wetsuit, you can extend its lifespan, improve its function, and enjoy your favorite activities for longer.

How to Care for Your Wetsuit

Caring for your wetsuit is not rocket science; it’s simple, but it requires patience and time. First, rinse your wetsuit with fresh water after every use. Saltwater and sand can stick to the fabric and cause damage over time. Second, avoid exposing your wetsuit to direct sunlight or heat, like in the car’s trunk or on the roof. The heat can affect the wetsuit’s neoprene, causing it to shrink and crack. Third, store your wetsuit in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight, and with enough ventilation. Never store your wetsuit in a damp or humid place because it can promote the growth of mold and bacteria.

The Importance of Wetsuit Conditioners

Wetsuit conditioners are an essential product to take care of your wetsuit correctly. When you condition your wetsuit, you are providing it with essential nutrients that keep the neoprene supple and flexible. Conditioners protect and regenerate the neoprene, making it stronger and more durable. They also help to remove bad odors and prevent the build-up of bacteria and mold. However, not all wetsuit conditioners are the same. Some are made for specific water temperatures and neoprene types. Always refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer when choosing a wetsuit conditioner.

How to Choose the Right Wetsuit Conditioner

When choosing a wetsuit conditioner, consider the water temperature you will be swimming or diving in. If you are going to swim in cold water, choose a conditioner that’s made for cold water. Some conditioners work best for mild water or tropical waters. Also, consider the type of neoprene your wetsuit is made of as some conditioners may work better on certain types of neoprene. Look for eco-friendly wetsuit conditioners that are gentle on the environment and safe for your skin.


Your wetsuit is an essential piece of gear, and taking care of it can ensure that it lasts longer and performs better. Remember to rinse it with fresh water after every use, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or heat, and store it in a cool, dry place. Remember that wetsuit conditioners are an essential product when it comes to wetsuit maintenance. They provide your wetsuit with essential nutrients that regenerate and protect the neoprene, improving its function and extending its lifespan. By choosing the right wetsuit conditioner, you can keep your wetsuit in excellent condition, making sure it takes care of you when you need it most. Finally, always refer to your wetsuit manufacturer’s instructions when choosing a wetsuit conditioner. And remember, the better you take care of your wetsuit, the better it will take care of you.

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